Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs, a true original

copied from The Oregonian Editorial Board
It's hard to peg a man who was as much seer and savant as he was engineer and corporate manager. But Steve Jobs was all those things, with a good dose of showman thrown in. It's hard, too, to estimate his impact upon the everyday life of Americans. That's because the things he brought to market reshaped habits to such a degree that, well, the jury is out on whether Apple's iPhone, iPad and uncluttered computers have changed us forever. The answer for now is: probably. But the greater question for now is how did one man do this? Jobs would, of course, have denied it was all him. And it wasn't. His near-fetish for hiring wildly creative and superbly equipped designers helped to make Apple the idea factory that it is. But it was Jobs' unrelenting insistence on economy, simplicity and cleanliness in both design and function that brought his company back from the dumpster two decades ago. Since then, Apple has released intuitive products that by their wide popularity and use have forced a rethinking of how technology might actually enhance, rather than complicate, life. Great artists have always questioned complication and sought the rigor of the clean line, whether Ernest Hemingway in spare, heartbreaking sentences or Miles Davis in just a few breathtaking notes. It would be wrong to call a computer's operating system art, or for that matter, to call a mass-produced, plastic writing tablet sculpture. But it wouldn't be far off to suggest that Apple devices showing glimmers of those attributes not only perform very cool tasks but also outsmart happy users by eliminating clutter and complication -- and the arcane challenges thrown down by so many competitors. In that sense, Steve Jobs was as much an artist as he was a thinker and tinkerer and businessman. He eschewed committees, large focus groups, pile-it-on collaborations. Invention meant the right team led by Jobs, with Jobs as the final arbiter. Taste, of all things, was always involved. Steve Jobs was known as the quiet neighbor on a quiet tree-lined street in Palo Alto, not far from the Stanford University campus. His signature dress -- black turtleneck, jeans, running shoes -- was as familiar there as it was at the office or onstage, as a rapt world awaited his latest invention. His understatement in life and work, coupled with an unrelenting drive for excellence and good taste, bespoke the man as well as his regime-shifting technologies that seem to show up someplace new every day. In this modern world of increasing technical complexity and dependency, it was good knowing Steve Jobs was around. His legacies -- yet to be fully measured or known -- may well set a good path to follow in the years to come. So many lives will continue to be affected by them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


17th August
An uprising for a cause:
17th august one of memorable days of my life what was so special about it. It was about a change in conviction in the in the minds of politicians turns autocrats. It was about the rising of citizens of all the classes for a cause. 64 years and still we the people are being ripped of our priority. A 74 years old person comes up and ignites the spark beneath us, was this 1st endeavor nopes I guess everyone who surfs or is a avid reader must be aware about his credentials. His 1st fast resulted in the famous RTI act.
Above all what I feel the main reason of this uprising is the discontent of people towards government and above all the day to day corruption that has been an unavoidable part of their lives. Ramlila maidan has been an inferno and it manifests for people’s discontent. 10 days and counting still on the energy and enthusiasm of people has not changed rather it is on a rising trend be it ill managed ground be it rain but people have not shown there backs.15th august Anna surprised everyone with his tactical move to visit Samadhi of mahatma Gandhi, 16th govt. surprised everyone by taking Anna in custody along with his supporters if we are to believe the news about 2k people gave self arrest and thousands demanded for the same. I was happy to see this don’t judge me wrong not happy to see govt’s action rather was happy to see India uniting its is probably the 1st time we would have seen India undivided apart of the world cup victory which is just transience.17th I walked with another hundred thousands from India Gate to jantar mantar marking solidarity with Anna. Its probably the 1st time I was a part of any procession coz I had been reasoning out and later my conscience showed me the right path. Its just the beginning of the change if we unite in such a fashion we would certainly bring in change. It was about 2 km stretch and the entire roads were leading to India gate, its was the 1st time I saw people helping each other with water food and help if one required. But in spite of all this the future will still be dark. The biggest threat is to curb the corruption within us and not being a part of it in any form. If we partially even manage to pull of the lower level corruption will come to a haul. Bills like these will ensure in checking higher level corruption. There’s still was to go and miles to travel before the coming generation seeks liberty.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chronicles of Dementia:

No this time you got it wrong it’s not Suresh Kalmadi who have inspired me to write this particular post, Its Friendship Day eve my friends that have provoked me to pen few things down. I would be a sinister if I fail to acknowledge the Beautiful things that I miss in my present life. These are the tale of the most inevitable part of my life. Well this post will particularly be about my friends and Time I have spent in JITM and yes the things I already miss a lot.
I miss the tangerine sky and the clouds that piled up the college hill. I have started disliking rain coz I no more can be with my friends roam up to Ran Devi and have a cup of hot Tea, I miss those football sessions in rain where we came back all soaked in mud and drench in water. I miss those cold winds that chilled our spine post rainy days. I miss those days where we hardly use to get bored, have a hard time feeling wither this boredom ever existed back then. Well I miss the long empty corridors where we used to hang together and run away from gripping heat. Those unplanned outings and unadulterated natures beauty I surely miss a lot. I cannot scale and priorities the thing I miss most everything I did in college has left an everlasting imprint. Some time I feel wish I suffered from dementia so that I could give proper reverence to the present rather than pondering upon the past. Each and every single day of those 4 years is good or bad will always be missed.
I miss those numerous sessions of movies that I sat back and saw back to back, and surfed internet with an ease that as if next day would be a doomsday. Ah the reality is no day is same it was all so important because of the people in it. It still rains but with no friends around the feel isn’t the same. The worth of a mere degree will be lost in mist of time all that will be left will be we the people and its circle of trust.
Life is not same without friends its more miserable and stressful, they are a lot of promising people who help us without any condition. Miss u all lads and few ladies without you my life would not be the same.

Friday, August 5, 2011


क्या कहे जब किसी अजनबी को देख दिल धड़कता है,
लगता है वो केवल आपके लिये बना है।

लम्हे वर्षों में बदल जाते हैं,और पल सदियो मॆ।
उस कि एक झलक बस आपको हा आपको सम्पूर्ना होने का एहसास दिलाती है.
भीड़ भारी सड़क पे जब आपकी नजर हर पल उसी को तलाशती है
समय रुक सा जाता है जब आपकी नजर उस कि नजर से मिलती है
फ़सलें मिटाने लगते हैं जब वो पास से बल्खते हुए गुज़र जाती है

लेकिन वस्तिविक्ता आपको उस समय ज़मीन पे वापस ले आती है
जब उस कि नजर आपको पहचाने सेइनकार करती हैं
एक दिल संभाल चल अपनी मंज़िल अभी आयी नही
ये बस था एक पल्चिन
अभी और भी चलना है
वक्त के साथ चलना है
अमित कुमार सिंह

Friday, July 1, 2011


I might have procrastinated writing blogs but writing something that is important to me is my sole priority. So this time I mulled and came up with an so called idea of this blog. Let me begin this blog with a straight question to the readers (if I have any LOL)has there been any instance in your life where you have started hating your discrete identity AKA your name. Has ever you name haunted your sleep well like it or not some time it does, go back in the Labyrinth of your memory lanes and see you might find instances where some time your name was easy to mock down or you were a namesake of some lame old scion. The big question is why the hec I am writing it coz friends believe me or not have witness a lot or rather witnessed all. I have been fervent writing this post and particularly in love with the content. For this particular occasion I would like to discuss the backdrop of the entire post.
A boy was born in a village was quite popular as there had been a while the joint family has seen a toddler. As mom narrated numerous stories of my childhood 1 fact was clear it was me who had to fulfill all relish avid hopes of family as every single of them wanted to name me. Well as women power always prevails in a family and my aunts were privileged enough to name me~ my bad luck . Well mom came in rescue won’t believe my aunts tried naming me Amitabh but thanx mom for at least agreeing aunt to name me AMIT. Well this namesake business is all lame coz you might not just name your son rather u end up typecasting him or start expecting the unexpected. Well I was deprived of it thankfully or not its upon you to figure out.
I rather be a detective and lead you all through the trails on how I started disliking my name. This is a story of a typical convent educated lad half of them regret the order at which there roll numbers are based orthodox and primitive way alphabetically. Yes being name from A you are destined to always be among the torch bearers of ur class. Half of the boys regret it as the most Beautiful girl is named from a distant alphabet and there is no way you can end up sitting together or being in a same group even it’s a doomsday. I had always been sitting in exams and appearing for interviews viva’s at first courtesy my name amit . I have a question to all my IT and CS friends that is it the easiest way to design a shorting algorithm being based on name? Now this situation can be more adverse if the best looking girl has a familiar name or both mine and her name sound together as if we are made for each other -forget it its then and there your chances are bleak or rather ended as girl likes to keep away to wacky stuff,Ask me had it twice in my life.
There are even instances when your name or acronym is a subject of mockery pity D K Bose, at this particular subject was pity lucky but had plenty of nick names the more people you be friends with the more name you have. The last but toughest of them all was my shy at luck in college. We were 3 individuals absolutely no comparison in habits hobby completely distinct personality but all of us were named amit, it was then when I believed it is the commonest name I could have had. But this particular instant had plenty of funny moments I love and we ended up being friends.
The enviable thing about being named Amit Kumar Singh is “Singh” large boots to fill in plenty of expectation to deal with. On my 1st day of college I was asked a simple question what’s in my name that makes me different from every 1 else and I replied Being Singh is what the difference is all about. I write this post with a conviction that I might someday be a luminary and people love and respect Amit Singh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

S#it Happens

An idea can come any time any place and in any circumstances. Aamir Khan is a genius in promoting films and does it in a unique way but what my blog has got to do with his promotion strategies. Only that his strategy endowed me with an idea for my next blog post. S#it happens yes happens with every 1 they accolade it or not. Has happened to me as well and I don’t disagree with the fact. So what’s this s#it about mere ostensibly would reflect it as anything bad but has grave and vast meaning to it. Some might term it as feeling for a wrong girl no I term it as sheer immaturity, failing in an exam nopes that will be braveness coz u still will have a next chance. So what’s this fuzz all about, what exactly this S#it is: I might have a different opinion as always where as I would consider it as something I did knowing the consequences. Such as not doing what I was supposed to do and later regretting upon it. The biggest mistake I consider in my life is choosing engineering as my course of study S#it did happened then. And being rejected at an SSB interview yes S#it was that. Engineering was a result of a sabotaged brain but I still tried doing well though was least interested. This might sound fervent but S#it is that when the 1 person you want badly in life and you don’t have guts to admit it coz don’t want to come out of envisage of what you have created. Well some are generated directly generated by us and some are further its consequences. But is life about the S#it or life beyond them. Believe me every such moment brings about 10 different opportunity in life the days then might seem gloomy but later the same would be an anachronism and yes you will have a laugh on them. This reminds me of the words of Steve Jobs the importance of a deed is not significant in present but later in future when u ponder and connect the dots things will fall in place. And every S#it later has a good to it like Edison said have learnt 999 different ways of not making a bulb. I might had been a bad soldier now I am wasting mine time then would have wasted countries resources and the 1 person was meant to be a good friend had shown some guts would have lost a friend. For me fun of living life has been these S#its and challenges post them. I had been brave so far and will try being in future.
Signing of with the hope that would write frequent this time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The evil ME:

Life is really an illusion it’s hard to understand unless you have been around gone places and known people, we or rather I am not from a different lot though I claim 1. The biggest problem these days with me is the antagonist in me. Sometimes it feels like I am caged in a dungeon and forfeited to do anything. We normally tend to get cozy as the day passes and gradually the entire motive and the driving force is LOST. The propensity of achieving becomes gloomy and we utterly being responsible for it. I know I have a way to go things to achieve and place to doscover but with the current phase I am in it would be a rather unremitting dream. I totally understand the importance of chasing and later fulfilling the same however the resilience comes from within. This makes my work more tougher coz it is not only circumstance that has to be dealt with rather more severe is to deal edifice that I have created. The evil me tries playing with mind and believe me he is damn good at it. The only reason of me putting these into words is just to acknowledge the fact that it is me who is responsible, with past year and half my leniency and bit of covertness have let plenty of opportunity pass by and with the present stimulus I am pious to repeat the same. One part of me is trying to convince that life is good and get along with it but the intelligent me have a tough time.
With tough task ahead and even tougher days ahead to conquer the anguish and make surreal dream a real 1.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Uf every time i think its enough but there is still more to come, With every failure i think I am Done but then realize learning isn’t. Every failure made me stronger and more determined of my destiny. It has been long chasing others dream now its time to see 1.This is life and its reality of emerging as a lone winner. A struggle for existence, survival -it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist but making an impression is more important. We as an individual are stuck in our own pre-requisites constrain and frame of thoughts. Its high time I buckle up my laces and get focused. Days that are passing by and as I look back to see my efforts I realize hadn’t put any, may be have tried by not to the fullest before its too late or I am left to cry upon what I made my life need to get back to work. It is always a difficult thing to stand up give all the eze and comforts and do the work ie, specifically hard work. For me past 2 years have really been different , different in a way that u would have least expected things to happen and shape up and at least when u never expected them to happen in adversity . Nightmare is even less tragic but all happens for a cause. Failure is a mere virtue not a permanent entity.
I came across a line from a Pakistani writer “I am resilient, I am winner, I have what it takes” and tried reflecting its real deed word were very strong and motive more stronger. Then was reminded about the bird phoenix which rises from its own ashes and is reborn to complete its destiny.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In solidarity with Anna

I am resilient, I am winner, I have what it takes
There are certain things you don’t feel often, the feel of 1st breath when you are under water the feel of victory when you waited for a long time but this 1 was impeccable extra ordinary and exquisite .The feeling of importance feeling of pride, joy anger and anguish. Yes I felt them all, all at a time. We do claim to be patriot when it comes to 15th august or 26th January but hardly figure out the difference among the two dates and their significance 26th January is the most important date coz it is this day we were proclaimed a democratic and had been awarded rights and benefits which we hardly care of. In totality we are liberal when it comes to claiming and questioning authority about our rights.
I was at ground zero of India Against Corruption movement yes jantar mantar (india’s Tahir Square) I had been to this place earlier but this time around the entire ambience was electrifying. The man behind this noble cause Anna himself sitting graciously and with the aroma and sparkle around him would never let you feel that the man has been of fast from past 80 odd hours. People chanting slogans and singing patriotic songs felt amazing. Was there for about 2 hours and was spell bound by the momentum and energy around. I had to fight for a place to even have glimpse of Anna Himself. Anna a selfless and a true patriot from heart. Was this his own cause no the man is 76 years old and has always fought for the cause of nation 1st in 1965 then reforming a poor village and making it one of the richest and self sufficient in terms of energy. There I saw an old man bare foot dressed in clumsy cloths but the sparkle that I saw in his eyes was beyond word coz he knew what he was destined for hade slogan that said all. Now next time when we pass by some of the governments ill faced work let us remember that its we who have paid and it is they who are accountable. Just take steps may be small may be subtle but these small and insignificant work in together will make the difference.
Do check the pics and feel the same

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apotheosis extended….

College life is the best part of my life or rather every 1’s life and it becomes more interesting when things are in order and right as u wanted it to be. The last leg of 2nd year saw transition as I shifted back to campus hostel Reasons being Differences which I hate talking about but when I ponder guess I should have ignored few things but particularly I admire this particular decision of mine which ultimately changed plenty of things for me. The summers of 2007 brought seasons of so called summer trainings. 1st for me was training at BSNL typical government worker attitude so guess every 1 was aware of the circumstances 30 days certificate with only 2 days visit to the office amazing. Well the story wasn’t the same for next half of my vacation coz have paid for getting f***** sorry for being vulgar. I enrolled a course at IIT Kharagpur for Network Management 10k for 25 days but the experience I gained there is priceless. We were trained by greats of cse and It departments people like Rajib Mal, Apupam basu, ID sen just immaculate. Classes from 9-5 each day state of art IIT campus labs and hostels. Later labs for about 6 hours on various stuffs believe me its been abt 4 years but am still familiar with the stuff. So courtesy IIT I reached college 5 days pre class commencement and yes I felt as if I was doomed coz half of the college was still at home and the other half was battling with their back papers but as its said every problem brings an opportunity those days made me an internet addict which I am totally proud of. Finally its june 2007 and yes its 3rd year for which all the buzz is 1 can see this coming coz if pre 3rd year is so hectic post 1 is even more frantic. Classes were up and yes I was lazy as usual but this time air smelled different any guesses………BOSS we were in pre final year and with circumstances in our college played vital role as final year students, organizing events and managing things. Yes I was happy
With this mixed feelings 1 month passed an announcement was made Open Source Giants Sun Microsystems(Now a part of Oracle corp) were looking for Campus ambassadors tough 1 yes indeed all I got to understand it was an opportunity for an internship but had to compete with the bests in the college. Finally the day came about 80 odd people were interviewed and 8 were selected 3 of us were friends. Does it feel good no it doesn’t at least not for me fighting with friends for a place it sucks man. Top of that I was the 1 who was interviewed 1st super doomed, it was a telephonic conversation which lasted about 50 mins and I felt it was good. Still remember the questions coz I have a bad memory but a question would remember for ever was Why me justifiable 1 coz I ended up 5th according to my result out of 8. Next 3 days the interviews were over and fingers were crossed and I lost hope and was busy with nothing possibly a week later the results were out and yes I made through and had to supervise sounds really fun but the truth is vice versa. Well would come to that later I was invited over to Bangalore for induction program it was fun. This brought opportunity to meet some real geeks who even turned off their system using command prompt and were obsessed with technology. 7 days tour ended leaving me with some life long memory to cherish and immense responsibility for next year. Was back to college and schedule could not be tighter that this but I was paid for that. Meanwhile our 2nd year project was selected and we were acclaimed internationally believe me I was on cloud 9.
Time flied and everything I did turned out well, March saw me getting prize at different colleges and organized an event Doyen and Dame loved it it was rodies of our college we bullied every participant and people who got through walked on Ramp loved the concept and thanx Ashu for the idea. Courtesy event got some good friends. Gajajyoti our annual fest saw us anchoring but I never liked the role as was missing the groove but this time I sat with few friends and enjoyed the event with friends and food. I know I had made some friends some enemy and when you are popular to have to pay the price but whatever it is loved it and will always.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Un-Complicate

Hi again, well writing frequently for a simple man like me is pretty difficult coz we ain’t got enough happening in our monotonous lives. In recent times I have tried to be frequent (I know a friend of mine won’t agree) but in lieu of my past record 2nd blog in 20 days isn’t bad at all. The most complex part of writing about naïve as me is deciding what to write. U would never like to write about bosses u hate and colleague you hardly care about, movies which are topics that you are tired talking of and just oblige to keep off boredom. So particularly I thought of writing about my experience, write about certain mistakes.
Let’s Un-complicate
Finally after being puzzled for about 10 days on what to write and what not, fortunately an advertisement’s tag line got stuck in my mind so decided to clear it up.
Let’s un-complicate
How can I miss an amazing week around the corner this time? Full 7 days dedicated to love friendship and relationship. But guys I don’t see cupids flying around inspiring love and casting its magic spell. I really don’t find much of a difference & believe me I never had. Truth might be bitter that I never have been much into or rather was never responded the way I wanted the things to be. For some this particular time of year brings personified love. But fellas we really don’t need just 1 day to make some1 feel special go out loud and tell them this every single day.
I never understood this if I had would have been writing this blog. What I feel the biggest problem is that we don’t conspire things & by the time we tend to feel some1 special’s importance the battle is already lost.
Let’s un-complicate all the process that goes in, feel free and be ready to get in groove. People hit by this bug act differently, for some it’s just a transition phase till they find another girl while for few it’s a prolonged suffering. I certainly come in the third category where they are not at all sure about the current state. But whatever it is feels amazing as u no longer any reason to remember it becomes part of life.
I am not sure whether any 1 would be reading this or understand it but avoid getting in any of the above categories. Let’s un-complicate and tell whom so ever we miss, let’s start a fresh. Well I will be wishing my dearest pals and missing a few.
And until we meet again ………………….

Saturday, January 15, 2011

“I miss being me”

As I move down towards East it feels like cold is gripping its way up to my spine, Laying low on my berth I ponder about the year that is just about to pass by. Opportunist take it as minimum 365 different occasion to come up to something new however for me life was simply monotones , Slow and sluggish.
Life in a metropolis is hectic day in and day out u see people chasing buses, cabs and metros as if it’s the most formidable part of their life. Have seen people who struggle for surviving now I thoroughly understand Darwin’s word “Survival of the fittest. We people from small cities enjoy the luxury of space time and are free from any paradox of people from metropolises. The best thing is our cultural values are still intact. Living for around a year in such place running to save minutes and get to the office to rite time is what I have done. Preposterous is what I use to tell others but strange now I am one among them. Last leg of my life penned few failures which am totally in a habit of digesting because I knew all the reasons behind it and for the 1st time didn’t blame any 1 for it. Met few people who were good and few who would like to completely wipe of my memories. There were instances where the air around seemed to be heavier and felt if I was choking for a good breath. I really hate people who try to manipulate the way u live life, Dude u got to understand every individual has an intellect and logic to do things.
I really miss being me Being stubborn, being a tough nut to crack. when I look back and see what I have done or the way I have lived life in past I surely miss being me. . I miss the energy I channeled into my work or literally any thing I did. All I needed just a small gesture or desire from friends. I miss that picnic those rumble on beach and brunch with friends. Seeking loans to give treat and bunking classes to complete or rather copying assignments. Giving gyans which hardly any 1 cared of but still I was proud of.
I miss standing tall and addressing people My skills of being an orator and ramble on. Well missing things and people have made me confident and strong but missing me the real 1 has just the way of living life. Well for this current year have decided will travel and do things I love doing the most, will try and improve my photography skills and yes exploit the remaining unseen Delhi.
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