Sunday, April 24, 2011


Uf every time i think its enough but there is still more to come, With every failure i think I am Done but then realize learning isn’t. Every failure made me stronger and more determined of my destiny. It has been long chasing others dream now its time to see 1.This is life and its reality of emerging as a lone winner. A struggle for existence, survival -it doesn’t mean that we don’t exist but making an impression is more important. We as an individual are stuck in our own pre-requisites constrain and frame of thoughts. Its high time I buckle up my laces and get focused. Days that are passing by and as I look back to see my efforts I realize hadn’t put any, may be have tried by not to the fullest before its too late or I am left to cry upon what I made my life need to get back to work. It is always a difficult thing to stand up give all the eze and comforts and do the work ie, specifically hard work. For me past 2 years have really been different , different in a way that u would have least expected things to happen and shape up and at least when u never expected them to happen in adversity . Nightmare is even less tragic but all happens for a cause. Failure is a mere virtue not a permanent entity.
I came across a line from a Pakistani writer “I am resilient, I am winner, I have what it takes” and tried reflecting its real deed word were very strong and motive more stronger. Then was reminded about the bird phoenix which rises from its own ashes and is reborn to complete its destiny.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In solidarity with Anna

I am resilient, I am winner, I have what it takes
There are certain things you don’t feel often, the feel of 1st breath when you are under water the feel of victory when you waited for a long time but this 1 was impeccable extra ordinary and exquisite .The feeling of importance feeling of pride, joy anger and anguish. Yes I felt them all, all at a time. We do claim to be patriot when it comes to 15th august or 26th January but hardly figure out the difference among the two dates and their significance 26th January is the most important date coz it is this day we were proclaimed a democratic and had been awarded rights and benefits which we hardly care of. In totality we are liberal when it comes to claiming and questioning authority about our rights.
I was at ground zero of India Against Corruption movement yes jantar mantar (india’s Tahir Square) I had been to this place earlier but this time around the entire ambience was electrifying. The man behind this noble cause Anna himself sitting graciously and with the aroma and sparkle around him would never let you feel that the man has been of fast from past 80 odd hours. People chanting slogans and singing patriotic songs felt amazing. Was there for about 2 hours and was spell bound by the momentum and energy around. I had to fight for a place to even have glimpse of Anna Himself. Anna a selfless and a true patriot from heart. Was this his own cause no the man is 76 years old and has always fought for the cause of nation 1st in 1965 then reforming a poor village and making it one of the richest and self sufficient in terms of energy. There I saw an old man bare foot dressed in clumsy cloths but the sparkle that I saw in his eyes was beyond word coz he knew what he was destined for hade slogan that said all. Now next time when we pass by some of the governments ill faced work let us remember that its we who have paid and it is they who are accountable. Just take steps may be small may be subtle but these small and insignificant work in together will make the difference.
Do check the pics and feel the same