Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happily Ever After

This blog of mine is fairly important it would be cynical of me if I fail to express my feeling in this particular case. Its about relationship its about family and above all its about the important people in my life.
As a 3 year old kid when we start realizing & co relating things changing around him is suddenly amazed with invent of a sibling the new kid in house is initially a toy and later becomes a threat as the older kid senses of loosing importance,but this particular dark phase don't last long. I have had some of the best time of my life with my family specially with my lil sis. There have been instance were we fought like it was the end. Gradually we realize its the sibling is what made me complete. There were instances were my sis and I use to compare who was loved the most, we took sides of parents. We bullied each other on results you name it and we fought for probably every possible thing.Gradually we matured from fights to fun from aggression to being frolic. We studied together partied watched movies and played like every other kid. We had witness some tough times together and few immaculate and pristine moments of life with our parents. I have always believed my sis is a stronger person than me as she was always with mom to lend a hand and in-spite of all the odds her miraculous fate helped her defy all the obstacles, I believe had she been resourced well she could have excelled even more. With time our understanding grew we became more of a friends and she is a prized possession i have.
When i left for college and my 1st vacations were beyond description. I remember the sparkle in her eyes when i gifted her from my 1st salary. I still make a point to buy the best for her and I know she deserves better than the best. When she is about to enter into a new phase of life am happy for the Binay and so for her they make a happy couple. All i wish is she gets what she wants
she has more or less been like a daughter to me more than a sis coz i can never see her cry. I can't really figure out what would be my reaction at her Bidai but the future is not glimmer is bright as a sun and the wonder couple will be merrier.
I know I would miss my sis miss those opportunity shopping for her remembering her likes and dislikes(Binay she a complete list of all those)
My best wishes to Swati & Binay specially Binay you have a tough road ahead LOL


  1. what's with the last line for Binay??? I just hope Swati sees it n give u a nice dealing for that :P

    Jokes apart, a very beautiful and touchy post! Siblings are always a prized possession. God bless you both :)

    Swati, congratulations!! n Best Wishes for a wonderful life ahead!

  2. Will realy miss u bro
    don't know what to say coz i don't have words to express my feelings
    i can't stop crying...