Friday, July 1, 2011


I might have procrastinated writing blogs but writing something that is important to me is my sole priority. So this time I mulled and came up with an so called idea of this blog. Let me begin this blog with a straight question to the readers (if I have any LOL)has there been any instance in your life where you have started hating your discrete identity AKA your name. Has ever you name haunted your sleep well like it or not some time it does, go back in the Labyrinth of your memory lanes and see you might find instances where some time your name was easy to mock down or you were a namesake of some lame old scion. The big question is why the hec I am writing it coz friends believe me or not have witness a lot or rather witnessed all. I have been fervent writing this post and particularly in love with the content. For this particular occasion I would like to discuss the backdrop of the entire post.
A boy was born in a village was quite popular as there had been a while the joint family has seen a toddler. As mom narrated numerous stories of my childhood 1 fact was clear it was me who had to fulfill all relish avid hopes of family as every single of them wanted to name me. Well as women power always prevails in a family and my aunts were privileged enough to name me~ my bad luck . Well mom came in rescue won’t believe my aunts tried naming me Amitabh but thanx mom for at least agreeing aunt to name me AMIT. Well this namesake business is all lame coz you might not just name your son rather u end up typecasting him or start expecting the unexpected. Well I was deprived of it thankfully or not its upon you to figure out.
I rather be a detective and lead you all through the trails on how I started disliking my name. This is a story of a typical convent educated lad half of them regret the order at which there roll numbers are based orthodox and primitive way alphabetically. Yes being name from A you are destined to always be among the torch bearers of ur class. Half of the boys regret it as the most Beautiful girl is named from a distant alphabet and there is no way you can end up sitting together or being in a same group even it’s a doomsday. I had always been sitting in exams and appearing for interviews viva’s at first courtesy my name amit . I have a question to all my IT and CS friends that is it the easiest way to design a shorting algorithm being based on name? Now this situation can be more adverse if the best looking girl has a familiar name or both mine and her name sound together as if we are made for each other -forget it its then and there your chances are bleak or rather ended as girl likes to keep away to wacky stuff,Ask me had it twice in my life.
There are even instances when your name or acronym is a subject of mockery pity D K Bose, at this particular subject was pity lucky but had plenty of nick names the more people you be friends with the more name you have. The last but toughest of them all was my shy at luck in college. We were 3 individuals absolutely no comparison in habits hobby completely distinct personality but all of us were named amit, it was then when I believed it is the commonest name I could have had. But this particular instant had plenty of funny moments I love and we ended up being friends.
The enviable thing about being named Amit Kumar Singh is “Singh” large boots to fill in plenty of expectation to deal with. On my 1st day of college I was asked a simple question what’s in my name that makes me different from every 1 else and I replied Being Singh is what the difference is all about. I write this post with a conviction that I might someday be a luminary and people love and respect Amit Singh.


  1. speechless yaar... tis one is too gud.
    I wonder wat it wud be if u wer named amitab.. hehe

  2. its again a gud one..i just liked it!!