Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apotheosis extended….

College life is the best part of my life or rather every 1’s life and it becomes more interesting when things are in order and right as u wanted it to be. The last leg of 2nd year saw transition as I shifted back to campus hostel Reasons being Differences which I hate talking about but when I ponder guess I should have ignored few things but particularly I admire this particular decision of mine which ultimately changed plenty of things for me. The summers of 2007 brought seasons of so called summer trainings. 1st for me was training at BSNL typical government worker attitude so guess every 1 was aware of the circumstances 30 days certificate with only 2 days visit to the office amazing. Well the story wasn’t the same for next half of my vacation coz have paid for getting f***** sorry for being vulgar. I enrolled a course at IIT Kharagpur for Network Management 10k for 25 days but the experience I gained there is priceless. We were trained by greats of cse and It departments people like Rajib Mal, Apupam basu, ID sen just immaculate. Classes from 9-5 each day state of art IIT campus labs and hostels. Later labs for about 6 hours on various stuffs believe me its been abt 4 years but am still familiar with the stuff. So courtesy IIT I reached college 5 days pre class commencement and yes I felt as if I was doomed coz half of the college was still at home and the other half was battling with their back papers but as its said every problem brings an opportunity those days made me an internet addict which I am totally proud of. Finally its june 2007 and yes its 3rd year for which all the buzz is 1 can see this coming coz if pre 3rd year is so hectic post 1 is even more frantic. Classes were up and yes I was lazy as usual but this time air smelled different any guesses………BOSS we were in pre final year and with circumstances in our college played vital role as final year students, organizing events and managing things. Yes I was happy
With this mixed feelings 1 month passed an announcement was made Open Source Giants Sun Microsystems(Now a part of Oracle corp) were looking for Campus ambassadors tough 1 yes indeed all I got to understand it was an opportunity for an internship but had to compete with the bests in the college. Finally the day came about 80 odd people were interviewed and 8 were selected 3 of us were friends. Does it feel good no it doesn’t at least not for me fighting with friends for a place it sucks man. Top of that I was the 1 who was interviewed 1st super doomed, it was a telephonic conversation which lasted about 50 mins and I felt it was good. Still remember the questions coz I have a bad memory but a question would remember for ever was Why me justifiable 1 coz I ended up 5th according to my result out of 8. Next 3 days the interviews were over and fingers were crossed and I lost hope and was busy with nothing possibly a week later the results were out and yes I made through and had to supervise sounds really fun but the truth is vice versa. Well would come to that later I was invited over to Bangalore for induction program it was fun. This brought opportunity to meet some real geeks who even turned off their system using command prompt and were obsessed with technology. 7 days tour ended leaving me with some life long memory to cherish and immense responsibility for next year. Was back to college and schedule could not be tighter that this but I was paid for that. Meanwhile our 2nd year project was selected and we were acclaimed internationally believe me I was on cloud 9.
Time flied and everything I did turned out well, March saw me getting prize at different colleges and organized an event Doyen and Dame loved it it was rodies of our college we bullied every participant and people who got through walked on Ramp loved the concept and thanx Ashu for the idea. Courtesy event got some good friends. Gajajyoti our annual fest saw us anchoring but I never liked the role as was missing the groove but this time I sat with few friends and enjoyed the event with friends and food. I know I had made some friends some enemy and when you are popular to have to pay the price but whatever it is loved it and will always.

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  1. it is nice ,after this i m feeling nostalgic of my college days,share u soon vd u.