Saturday, January 15, 2011

“I miss being me”

As I move down towards East it feels like cold is gripping its way up to my spine, Laying low on my berth I ponder about the year that is just about to pass by. Opportunist take it as minimum 365 different occasion to come up to something new however for me life was simply monotones , Slow and sluggish.
Life in a metropolis is hectic day in and day out u see people chasing buses, cabs and metros as if it’s the most formidable part of their life. Have seen people who struggle for surviving now I thoroughly understand Darwin’s word “Survival of the fittest. We people from small cities enjoy the luxury of space time and are free from any paradox of people from metropolises. The best thing is our cultural values are still intact. Living for around a year in such place running to save minutes and get to the office to rite time is what I have done. Preposterous is what I use to tell others but strange now I am one among them. Last leg of my life penned few failures which am totally in a habit of digesting because I knew all the reasons behind it and for the 1st time didn’t blame any 1 for it. Met few people who were good and few who would like to completely wipe of my memories. There were instances where the air around seemed to be heavier and felt if I was choking for a good breath. I really hate people who try to manipulate the way u live life, Dude u got to understand every individual has an intellect and logic to do things.
I really miss being me Being stubborn, being a tough nut to crack. when I look back and see what I have done or the way I have lived life in past I surely miss being me. . I miss the energy I channeled into my work or literally any thing I did. All I needed just a small gesture or desire from friends. I miss that picnic those rumble on beach and brunch with friends. Seeking loans to give treat and bunking classes to complete or rather copying assignments. Giving gyans which hardly any 1 cared of but still I was proud of.
I miss standing tall and addressing people My skills of being an orator and ramble on. Well missing things and people have made me confident and strong but missing me the real 1 has just the way of living life. Well for this current year have decided will travel and do things I love doing the most, will try and improve my photography skills and yes exploit the remaining unseen Delhi.
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  1. Well-written, it seriously explains what we each one of us are undergoing thru dis very moment,luved it,keep writin !!!