Wednesday, June 22, 2011

S#it Happens

An idea can come any time any place and in any circumstances. Aamir Khan is a genius in promoting films and does it in a unique way but what my blog has got to do with his promotion strategies. Only that his strategy endowed me with an idea for my next blog post. S#it happens yes happens with every 1 they accolade it or not. Has happened to me as well and I don’t disagree with the fact. So what’s this s#it about mere ostensibly would reflect it as anything bad but has grave and vast meaning to it. Some might term it as feeling for a wrong girl no I term it as sheer immaturity, failing in an exam nopes that will be braveness coz u still will have a next chance. So what’s this fuzz all about, what exactly this S#it is: I might have a different opinion as always where as I would consider it as something I did knowing the consequences. Such as not doing what I was supposed to do and later regretting upon it. The biggest mistake I consider in my life is choosing engineering as my course of study S#it did happened then. And being rejected at an SSB interview yes S#it was that. Engineering was a result of a sabotaged brain but I still tried doing well though was least interested. This might sound fervent but S#it is that when the 1 person you want badly in life and you don’t have guts to admit it coz don’t want to come out of envisage of what you have created. Well some are generated directly generated by us and some are further its consequences. But is life about the S#it or life beyond them. Believe me every such moment brings about 10 different opportunity in life the days then might seem gloomy but later the same would be an anachronism and yes you will have a laugh on them. This reminds me of the words of Steve Jobs the importance of a deed is not significant in present but later in future when u ponder and connect the dots things will fall in place. And every S#it later has a good to it like Edison said have learnt 999 different ways of not making a bulb. I might had been a bad soldier now I am wasting mine time then would have wasted countries resources and the 1 person was meant to be a good friend had shown some guts would have lost a friend. For me fun of living life has been these S#its and challenges post them. I had been brave so far and will try being in future.
Signing of with the hope that would write frequent this time.


  1. gud 1. Super Like :)After reading ur blog, i started thinking of my mistakes

  2. very well visualized and ofcourse nicely put!
    keep writing!

  3. was difficult but enjoyed writing