Wednesday, August 17, 2011


17th August
An uprising for a cause:
17th august one of memorable days of my life what was so special about it. It was about a change in conviction in the in the minds of politicians turns autocrats. It was about the rising of citizens of all the classes for a cause. 64 years and still we the people are being ripped of our priority. A 74 years old person comes up and ignites the spark beneath us, was this 1st endeavor nopes I guess everyone who surfs or is a avid reader must be aware about his credentials. His 1st fast resulted in the famous RTI act.
Above all what I feel the main reason of this uprising is the discontent of people towards government and above all the day to day corruption that has been an unavoidable part of their lives. Ramlila maidan has been an inferno and it manifests for people’s discontent. 10 days and counting still on the energy and enthusiasm of people has not changed rather it is on a rising trend be it ill managed ground be it rain but people have not shown there backs.15th august Anna surprised everyone with his tactical move to visit Samadhi of mahatma Gandhi, 16th govt. surprised everyone by taking Anna in custody along with his supporters if we are to believe the news about 2k people gave self arrest and thousands demanded for the same. I was happy to see this don’t judge me wrong not happy to see govt’s action rather was happy to see India uniting its is probably the 1st time we would have seen India undivided apart of the world cup victory which is just transience.17th I walked with another hundred thousands from India Gate to jantar mantar marking solidarity with Anna. Its probably the 1st time I was a part of any procession coz I had been reasoning out and later my conscience showed me the right path. Its just the beginning of the change if we unite in such a fashion we would certainly bring in change. It was about 2 km stretch and the entire roads were leading to India gate, its was the 1st time I saw people helping each other with water food and help if one required. But in spite of all this the future will still be dark. The biggest threat is to curb the corruption within us and not being a part of it in any form. If we partially even manage to pull of the lower level corruption will come to a haul. Bills like these will ensure in checking higher level corruption. There’s still was to go and miles to travel before the coming generation seeks liberty.

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