Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chronicles of Dementia:

No this time you got it wrong it’s not Suresh Kalmadi who have inspired me to write this particular post, Its Friendship Day eve my friends that have provoked me to pen few things down. I would be a sinister if I fail to acknowledge the Beautiful things that I miss in my present life. These are the tale of the most inevitable part of my life. Well this post will particularly be about my friends and Time I have spent in JITM and yes the things I already miss a lot.
I miss the tangerine sky and the clouds that piled up the college hill. I have started disliking rain coz I no more can be with my friends roam up to Ran Devi and have a cup of hot Tea, I miss those football sessions in rain where we came back all soaked in mud and drench in water. I miss those cold winds that chilled our spine post rainy days. I miss those days where we hardly use to get bored, have a hard time feeling wither this boredom ever existed back then. Well I miss the long empty corridors where we used to hang together and run away from gripping heat. Those unplanned outings and unadulterated natures beauty I surely miss a lot. I cannot scale and priorities the thing I miss most everything I did in college has left an everlasting imprint. Some time I feel wish I suffered from dementia so that I could give proper reverence to the present rather than pondering upon the past. Each and every single day of those 4 years is good or bad will always be missed.
I miss those numerous sessions of movies that I sat back and saw back to back, and surfed internet with an ease that as if next day would be a doomsday. Ah the reality is no day is same it was all so important because of the people in it. It still rains but with no friends around the feel isn’t the same. The worth of a mere degree will be lost in mist of time all that will be left will be we the people and its circle of trust.
Life is not same without friends its more miserable and stressful, they are a lot of promising people who help us without any condition. Miss u all lads and few ladies without you my life would not be the same.

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  1. old times cherished well!
    but as they say, time once gone never comes back.. all that we have is the memories, which help us dive into the past!

    good one, made me dive into the same happy days :)