Monday, January 27, 2014

2013 Done and Dusted - Part 2

                      February marked to the beginning of new era when our friends started marrying and settling into there lives same happened to our group and the 1st one to fall was Rajeev Ranjan aka aapna Manta. The event saw a reunion of old pals and those momentous college days were relived sitting and having a gala time by road side in front of Patna Mahavir mandir was fun.
                         April again kicked in some action back into my life finally we planned and pinned to our prolonged delayed idea of white water rafting and camping by Ganges in Rishikesh. To add to it we ended up bungeeing as well from India's   only adventure zone Jumping Heights.The feeling was immaculate omniscient. The nearing ground vanquished my fear of height and fall to death.
                         loosen up live the life you have always dream't of because there are certain that are due to happen and all we can do is enjoy or disdain its existence.
      June July marked to a voyage of life time this one particularly was to pacify our religious desire, our voyage took us to the beautiful land of J&K our road trip began from Delhi with 6 folks and tons of excitement for Srinigar. Then saw places like Gulmarg Sonmarg Pehalgam and wandered around Srinagar.and someone rightly said the true heaven on earth is Here. We winded up our site seeing and buckled our shoes for the ultimate trip of our life "The Holy Amarnath Yatra" into the wilderness to holy amaranth caves of Shiva Ice Lingam. We started our trek to holy caves from Pehalgam. The serenity and view was pristine ethereal and our sole presence to those sacred land fulfilled the acrid desire of our voyage. I felt blessed overjoyed to have witnessed the folklore this tour ended us getting blessed up at holy shrines of Ma Vaishno Devi and then we headed back to Delhi preserving all those memories deep down within.
                               September took me back to Munger to witness my first Encounter with flood in Mighty Ganges and its effect to the commoner, Ganges  show us how tiny and insignificant we are in comparison to the vast extent of forces of nature.water Submerged every inch of land around its vicinity. Eventually November saw me getting married and courtesy of which ended up getting the longest leave of my life about a month. Getting married have brought some sense of responsibility and so far it has proven out to be a roller coaster joy ride. Arranging a new place and all hard work have paid off and am all set to begin life's new chapter and luckily have been blessed with a very understanding and talented wifeee Shipra.
                               December brought some unexpected news of grief and sorrow my wife lost her mother, it came in as a shock to every one in the family. It altered the course  of which we have planned our due course of life. I too have missed her as have not been fortunate enough to have witness her company but she was a cheerful lady, elegant and beautiful human. It was a very tough time for Shipra and the time ahead are again tough and critical, just pray to god that she holds it together.
                           December end saw a pilgrimage to the adobe of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan and Gowardhan Parikrama of 21km bare foot the darshan of lord banke bihari was sublime bliss. The entire year was a joyous ride met few great people Raman Munna and Firmed friendship with few Sameer. Identified some some not so great people.

Life is always unpredictable no one is sure enough of what it has to offer all we need is to be prepared to enjoy the available stances be brave enough to handle the catastrophe life has to offer .
            CHEERS TO LIFE CHEERS 2K13.


  1. Life is so short and so fragile. I'm still learning to deal with that.


  2. Avy/
    i have been on and off blogging and its probably an year that i see your comment.
    life is a great teacher and it helps us learn lesson some time in an easy way and sometimes the hard way.