Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Un-Complicate

Hi again, well writing frequently for a simple man like me is pretty difficult coz we ain’t got enough happening in our monotonous lives. In recent times I have tried to be frequent (I know a friend of mine won’t agree) but in lieu of my past record 2nd blog in 20 days isn’t bad at all. The most complex part of writing about naïve as me is deciding what to write. U would never like to write about bosses u hate and colleague you hardly care about, movies which are topics that you are tired talking of and just oblige to keep off boredom. So particularly I thought of writing about my experience, write about certain mistakes.
Let’s Un-complicate
Finally after being puzzled for about 10 days on what to write and what not, fortunately an advertisement’s tag line got stuck in my mind so decided to clear it up.
Let’s un-complicate
How can I miss an amazing week around the corner this time? Full 7 days dedicated to love friendship and relationship. But guys I don’t see cupids flying around inspiring love and casting its magic spell. I really don’t find much of a difference & believe me I never had. Truth might be bitter that I never have been much into or rather was never responded the way I wanted the things to be. For some this particular time of year brings personified love. But fellas we really don’t need just 1 day to make some1 feel special go out loud and tell them this every single day.
I never understood this if I had would have been writing this blog. What I feel the biggest problem is that we don’t conspire things & by the time we tend to feel some1 special’s importance the battle is already lost.
Let’s un-complicate all the process that goes in, feel free and be ready to get in groove. People hit by this bug act differently, for some it’s just a transition phase till they find another girl while for few it’s a prolonged suffering. I certainly come in the third category where they are not at all sure about the current state. But whatever it is feels amazing as u no longer any reason to remember it becomes part of life.
I am not sure whether any 1 would be reading this or understand it but avoid getting in any of the above categories. Let’s un-complicate and tell whom so ever we miss, let’s start a fresh. Well I will be wishing my dearest pals and missing a few.
And until we meet again ………………….

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