Sunday, July 8, 2018

A New Dawn….

Author: Kamani Kusum
Pages: 128
Cover: 3/5
Title: 3.5/5
Characters: 4.5/5
Language: 4/5
Story: 4.5/5
Writing and Presentation: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
 Writer: A new Dawn is kamani’s second book and her professional skills can easily be identified with the quality of her work. Her background and childhood memories of living in a railway dominant town also reflects in this particular story. This is a simple love story yet the storytelling is what makes this book a poignant love story. The character selection is unbelievably realistic and their larger than life portrayal takes us to an enthralling odyssey. The agility and tenacity with which different characters grow along with the story proves Kamani is a master recounter. Her narration of characters places railways officer’s bungalow garden is subtle and realistic. Will make you fall in love with her story telling. If you are in love or had ever been in love or even had a crush then this book Is meant for you.
Story: This story is about love loss and never giving. Protagonist Shravan is a son of a rickshaw puller who is broke famished but high in spirt and determination and dream to touch sky and vanquish whenever life poses a challenge. The story is about Mugdha daughter of a railway officer beautiful alluring and rebellious. The story is about their earnest love and of the childhood love friendship. What makes this story different from regular love story is the character buildup narration and larger than life and its challenges. Shravan characters challenges and his ability to handle them with ease, Mugdha realistic portrayal. This story left me agape and lamenting but simultaneously its inspirational. The other characters complement the story well and make this a worthy read. Shravan’s endowments help me elude difficult situations in life and his sole motivation was love.

A recommended read and with twists in plot make it more interesting.

Monday, July 2, 2018

I shall always love you

Author: Shilpa Jain
Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Pages: 168
Cover: 4/5
Title: 4.5/5
Characters: 5/5
Language: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Writer: This is Shilpa Jain’s 1st book but it hardly matters, Shilpa has beautifully penned down tale of love loss and adventure in one go. She has well crafted and conceived a love story. The plot and characters are well contrived and they all fall in place. This particular book has plenty of characters but the writer never looses control on them and they all serve the purpose. The intricate characters resemble a part of big zig saw puzzle and they all gradually make sense. The way Shilpa has connected the dots is highly commendable thumb up for a jubilant effort and would recommend this book to romantic readers.  Eagerly waiting for Shilpa’s second book..
Story: The story is about a rich handsome and master craftsman Shiv Sanyal son of rich and successful business men Mr. Sanyal. Mr sanyal is uber rich very powerful and almost hold everything of value and he loves his son the most. The story starts from shiv’s birthday and its grand celebration and the grandeur of the sanyals. Arjun shiv’s best friend and accomplice is a best friend one could ask for. Arjun is capable of handling any situation and people but loves Saloni who in turn loves Shiv. The birthday celebration leads Shiv to another beautiful and mysterious girl Nysa and he is embarked on a journey of unknown. The girl sparked a hidden desire and Shiv crafts a beautiful sculpture that leads his to a prior incarnation. The story beautifully narrates the tale of love loss adventure and long-lost relationship. The story takes its readers to a long journey and tactically answers all their queries. The story has elements of thrill and surprise it to. Recommended and you will not regret reading it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tikri’s Fiasco

Author: Rishav
Pages: 114
Cover: 3.5/5
Title: 3.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Language: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Writing and Presentation: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

Product details

·         Format: Kindle Edition
·         File Size: 2604 KB
·         Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (5 April 2018)
·         Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
·         Language: English

Author: Author Rishav’s book doesn’t seem to be his debut novel. His narrative is flawless and captivating. The character buildup is superlative and realistic characters fit the narrative and fulfill the purpose well. The topic which he chooses to pen down is commendable and is hardily talked off. The plot is very relatable and makes readers associate with them very well. The pace at which this novel move is terrific and doesn’t lets its readers get bored.
 Plot: the story deals with neighboring countries friendship treaties betrayal and evil plot to disrupt the prevailing peace in. The story s fast paces and moves with agility. Has plenty of drama and twists. The story revolves around 5 countries and the changing tides among them. Sindhustan, Tikran, Alistan, united seculars and Briervsel some countries have fruitful relation some are enemies while a few choose diplomatic neutrality. The way things change and changes the dynamics of these country. The growing terrorist activities and nuclear activities in neighboring diplomatically torn countries make peace loving countries re think their strategies. The story moves with tenacity and agility and this is where the spies come into picture and transform the course of action. The plot is intelligently woven around the current political and diplomatic situation in the subcontinent. One can easily corelate with countries like Pakistan India Israel and United states. Book is a good read and keeps its readers engaged and captivated.
Commendable job

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


वो बचपन रहा अब ना बचपन वही,
ना भोलापन ही रहा ना मासूमियत बची,
बदलते थे मौसम अब बदलता है इंसान भी |

 ना वो बचपन रहा न वो मौसम रहा ,
 बस यादें रही पर वो बातें नहीं ,
 यादें वही इंसान वही ,
लेकिन उस इंसान की फ़ितरत नई ,
है रुपया बड़ा अब भलाई नहीं,
आँखों में अब प्रेम त्याग और तहज़ीब नहीं,
है तो बस लालच भूख और हैवानियत भरी |

है जिस रफ़्तार से बदल रहा इंसान अभी ,
समय भी उस तरह बदलता नहीं ,
इंसान वही आईना वही ,
पर उस बदलते चेहरे को कोई पहचानता नहीं |

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Flowers of Sapphire

Author: Anubhav Srivastava
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Pages: 80
Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Language: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5
When you read this book, there is something distinctive you come across that separate Anubhav from his era and genera of fiction and romance writers- Language. Eloquent language separates and makes this book miles ahead in terms of representation. I was amazed flabbergasted and couldn’t keep my excitement while reading “Flowers of Sapphire”. The plot is well contrived and beautifully illustrated in words I felt I was on the same island while reading this book. The description of island is surreal well written. This story of lost love is though an ordeal but not depressing writer managed it with humor pain and beautiful narration. The characters kafka sevak misha vivah and mira have been exceptionally conceptualized though each and every one of them is pain ridden yet they all conspired together for a great cause. The ordeal that the characters faced make this book worth reading and the slow story buildup is eloquent. Vivah’s character reminded me of no matter how broken you are you can get back to life and rediscover yourself. while sevak’s supple characterization and the depth in his conversation will leave and everlasting impact. Kafka’s version of love and pain is well stoic yet well-presented and those blue flowers are exceptionally described his idea of pain and love fascinated me. This book in particular for people who had been in love, who lost someone and who intend to be in love someday. Anubhav style of story telling breaks the fallacy that book of lost love can not be entertaining or interesting. The subtle details make this book a delight to read. I myself have travelled to Andamans and felt I was sitting there and reading a book at some resort. Anubhav has places to go and delight us with his future endeavors. His description of violin almond tree and subtle details will get hold of you. I would certainly like to write more of the story but that would have been a spoiler. Read this one book and you won’t regret.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Some book finds a permanent place in your bookshelf and undoubtedly” STORYWALLAH by Kumar Ganesan “is one such book. Ganesan is a writer who has made sure that the language of the book is simple and yet he leaves and everlasting impression. Chapter wise representation makes it super easy to read. The larger than life character and their association with Ganesan’s life is poignantly described. Ganesan has been eloquent in describing the stories and all his stories had humor vitality and realistic. Every story for me either represented a social value, a social stigma or a human behavior and it was cynically and humorously written. The odyssey on which Ganesan took the readers was enthralling and exuberating. Every story had wit and quirkiness and was serious when required. Kumar Ganesan’s work in STORYWALLLAH has inspired me to make a journal of peoples who I meet in my course of life.
MAlligai po mami, Saapad Raman, life of pai- are stories of people from Ganesan’s life and deals about loss self-discovery and making gratitude with ourselves. The stories are beautifully narrated and the reader feels connected and glorifies the life of these characters.
I me and Pemba, old monk, real men cry and being Subraman- are narratives of experts from Ganesan’s life experiences. The stories share his aspect of fear frolic love and health issues in his life. Though some stories deal with pain but they never lack humor and poignantly told the story. Loved it to core specially Being subraman on writer embracing his health problem and narrating it in a spectacular fashion one must have balls to do that.
Abbasaheb Abhyankar narrates the embalmed views of society towards elderly tragic but true, the story moved me a lot and after all lies are not always a sin.
Make up and made up deals with the subject of illicit relationship domestic abuse and proves the fallacy of women empowerment.
Sambhar vadacury and pushpak express travelogue while one deals with a family outing on the contrary deals with a lone girl’s train journey. Ganesan is a master recounter his narration of characters is unbelievably realistic and pushpak express’s end left me amused.

STORYWALLAH is an honest contemplation and assessment of ideas well contrived, the book is a trove and Ganesan has diligently crafted an amazing book.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Solitude and other obsessions

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (23 August 2017)
Language: English
Writer: Uma, Binod, Trupti, Shruti & Saurin
We are a species fueled by obsessions. Every human achievement, and every infamy, is the result of an obsession that tormented, possessed and consumed. This is a selection of poetry about solitude and other obsessions that have distracted, driven, destroyed and / or defined us. Usually poetry gives us a much-needed break from rigorous fiction reading and lengthy read. It is like a breath of fresh air and makes our mood lite and delivers serious message with an ease.
Uma Sudhindra: Uma’s poem is based various issues and the once that describe the pain of a soldier and his loved once is beautifully expressed. Her travel description is surreal and I have been Rumi fan her poem based on Rumi captures RUMI’s essence. But my favorite poem is “in the lap of death”- Uma have described on of the feared and dreaded aspects of life with an ease. The words are gentle and leave a lasting impression.
Binod Panda: Binod’s poem are sort of serious ones and while reading them it is evident that these are inspired from his life lessons and experience. Binod has used simple language and emphasized more on the meaning of the poems. Life death pain joy are part of life and they are well described though my favorite is mirage and one can easily corelate with Binod’s words we as an individual have long lost our dreams and aspirations while chasing others dreams and we are at times caught in the web from where it is nearly difficult to get back to our original self.
Trupti Kalamdani: Trupti’s work are emotional ones and generally deals with relationship and self-belief. I particularly liked the comeback as it was refreshing and was about self-discovery and self-belief. We as an individual need to vouch for our individuality. The rose sans thorns deal with the agony and pain of being in a relationship and tells the truth in a subtle way. Trupti’s work seems to represent a cyclic process of being down to discovering to evolving and the rebirth. Well phrased and versed poems.
Dr. Shruti Arabatti: Shruti’s work is enthralling there is hidden meaning in her every poem and every verse. She has decided to write about some trivial issues prevailing in the society. U R is one such poem she has beautifully described how we crush young once dream and let him die within. Finding home is again a beautiful poem describing how far we have come chasing a dream we have long lost our interests our home and our family. The End summarizes Shruti’s work and life cycle and the reality of life.
Saurin Desai: Saurin’s poems was by far with what I corelated the sorrow of an individual and the reality of living in metro no matter how crowded or surrounded you are with people but you would be alone if it isn’t the right place. Regrets is about the time that we didn’t took in account the time where we fooled around. Saurin’s poems are about the individual stuck and trying to rediscover himself. The pain is beautifully described and well versed. His work isn’t complicated and will compel to read further.