Thursday, August 9, 2012


Friendship isn’t how u 4gt but how u forgive, not how u listen but how u understand, not what u see but how u feel,& not how u let go but how u hold on. When it comes about expressing feeling there are only few things that can compel me to blog, the memoir has to be axiomatic and evident enough so that the urge to pen it down increases. Friends Post family it is probably the most important relation we human tend to develop and live along, it’s this small social group or individual those affect our life largely. I have always been keen with friends and friendships I don’t believe in a large group of friends. Some might consider me being an introvert but this is who I am. Friends are buggers who make our life living hell & have the ability to drag us out of melancholy. They are people who accept you the way u are and delve to bring us out of delusion. This post of mine is just a tribute to all these people in my life and has acted like a vortex. Every 1 of you have made my stay special in Delhi kudos to each 1 of you my friends. November 2K9 I landed in Delhi all by my own thus my struggle for survival officially began the only thing that was tantalising was friends filling in. Slowly and gradually people stepped in some old and some new. A month later “The Ritu Raj” joined in and not to forget Ashutosh was already there the list might be small but each and every 1 on this is largely important for who I am be it good bad or ugly. With Ashutosh have had some exceptional food hunts and photo sessions and not to forget numerous movies we watched together. Had some wonderful time cooking watching movies and travelling with ritu, ullas bhai and devashish. Ritu contribution in my life cannot be summarised with words rather it requires a hell lot of swear words to describe him. With my small stint at wipro the only good thing or rather best thing out was 4 exceptional people there were resurrect and had the entire panacea in this world. Arijit, komal, Pritam and Tenvir(folks the order of your name is alphabetically so plz don’t take it otherwise). Arijit is probably the most mature and understanding among them all a brave and yes the smartest of them all. Komal a great friend and I probably share the small town dream like hers Pritam the most witty and he has always got numerous ways of bragging and tearing every 1 apart Tenvir the so called and self proclaimed cutie and yes he does date women’s LOL, but simplest of them all. I had some great friends at college and Post College the I have been in constant touch with have only deepened our friendship folks junaid,Tara,Sumit ,Adi & HOD i miss you company. A friend whom I always be grateful for doing something that was irreversible and yes it meant a lot to me wouldn’t name you but I know U understand and I will forever grateful for that. And lastly a friend for forgiving me I understand you don’t have time to read this but you have always been special to me. On this friendship day i take this as an opportunity and thanx each and every 1 of you thank you for being there.

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