Monday, July 16, 2012


Veselka is a Ukrainian word for rainbows, I am clueless about what made me choose this word but ever since I came across it has fascinated me.
When I contemplate on my life, I feel something is missing for sure, the genesis of being complete. I have surely achieved things on my personal and professional front but when you have miles to travel who cares about pity yards so life yelps of excitement and enthusiasm. Past 6 months were dismal profane and completely lacked gusto. I sat for an exam which I have been dreaming of since childhood and put the lone opportunity to rest. Post the 1st quarter has been in a state of limbo and complete tranquillity. There have been instance of happiness but were ephemeral and its not the instalments of joy and happiness one desire of rather we seek abundance. At occasions it seems life has lost its spark and is vandalising the prevailing excitement. I just hope that I will be able to pull it off like VESELKA to rise and shine. I would rather delve and intricate the prevailing opportunities.
Just when the things are not right I feel alienated and stifle in order to relive in trance to flabbergast at the end, Remembering......"THERE ARE FAR, FAR BETTER THINGS AHEAD THAN ANY WE LEAVE BEHIND..."

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  1. finally a post!!

    ups n downs r two phases in anyone's life.. so dont give up when you are down! good time will surely come :)