Sunday, January 20, 2013

The My Side of Me:

We humans are ubiquitous, so blitzed with work and things around us that we forget small pleasures and there wonders. We are in an age where being funny isn't funny, where we rarely sing aloud and shout celebrating our success. We are vortex by our day to day problems, probably if we consider and ponder we would figure out those weren't problems were just confinements and the only obstruction was taking the 1st step.
 When I think back I realize that the last quarter of the year that passed was completely washed off with similar thought process and so called problem which leaves me with a question. How creative and fruitful my approach was? This simply means I was part of the problem rather than actually trying to solve the problem. We humans acclimate very well and for the rest of the world delusion works wonderfully. We tend to live in a parallel paradox world with multiple roles to play and eventually we forget who we are and gradually we become an adversary of our own individuality. 
                                                                   The materialist needs and the aghast of failure has outwit who we are and converted us to feel breed and sense things the way others do. It took me fairly a long time to introspect and realize how far and rather how pirated I have been. The things that made me happy once hardly made any sense now. I had to depend on excel sheets to keep track of my sinking account. Gloomed and doomed I eventually had to get back to my old friend “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” a splendid creation and marvel. So I would not be quitting my job but have really found the ways of discovering happiness, as far as things are concerned it’s probably a nice start to new year with new promises and aspiration. Few Important agendas this year:- TRAVEL  TRAVEL &  Photography

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  1. You cant imagine how happy i am to see this post! Travel n Photography - the best of talents ever!! Go for it. n for people like me, make a travelogue of yours for the publishing of those pics n adventures :)