Monday, January 27, 2014

2013 Done and Dusted- Part 1

A year comprise of 365 opportunities 365 beginning for a better tomorrow 365 new possibilities. Optimism for better days ahead and dawn of a new day.This post of mine is not about new tear resolutions, I know I have failed in past to keep up with them. Its rather about acknowledging 365 momentous days I lived in vitality. When i reminiscent to the days that have passed I feel blessed to have witness a lot in a short span.
                                     It is Rightly Said " WHO LIVES SEES BUT WHO TRAVELS SEES MORE "
Will at-least try to summarize this blog eventfully introspecting diligently to the details.
         2013 started with a bang was blessed with almighty's blessing at Ajmer Sherif Dargah and Lord Brahma (World only Brahma Temple) at Pushkar. Being in pushkar was a total bliss and marked  an amazing beginning to the new year. Sitting in trance and watching the sun set by the Brahma Sarovar was a delight. The small trip marked my first voyage to Mighty Rajasthan places visited Jaipur Ajmaer pushkar not to forget pushkar might be small but can render you with some serious gastronomical issues its a foodies paradise.
  Late January marked another tour to the land of mystic mountains Sikkim,this particular trip started on Jan 24th and ended on a high note on 30th Jan. We traveled to some exotic and pristine location one can think of.

We witnessed some some of the most beautiful serene place in this world what I felt was priceless, travelling by picturesque teesta river paragliding snow and witnessing 1st time below freezing temperature was  numerous of such encounters.

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