Saturday, January 28, 2012

Empty: In Silence and Solitude

2nd half of the year has not been of much help; too add to my woes random changing shifts did the trick. With our comparatively busy lives our life seems to be tumultuous filled with boring and we tend to live life in a trance. We tend to start confusing breathing with living. We tend to feel that our life is all because the catastrophe in the world rather it’s the fast paced life and the hectic routine that is taking the toll.
The only revelation when I sit alone in solitude is who I am becoming is far more important than what I own. Sudden in the wake of existence we have to give up and shed who we were.
Such a sudden translation leaves us scrambled and we tend to get lost in the mist.I rather seem to enjoy this state of emptiness the best was i had ample time to render on existence itself.
The better effect was that I was more jovial when met friends and started enjoying life in bits and pieces, took photography as a pastime and loved it.
last 6 months were a roller coaster as enjoying weekends with pals was pretty frequent and all thanx to amigos RITU RAJ & ULLAS there company is a fun ride .
plus I traveled as well and I know the priorities were sidelined but it was worth trying.

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