Saturday, January 28, 2012


6th December my brother and I were traveling back from our cousin's wedding we were exhausted and above all were traumatized and besieged due to last moment ticket confirmation. Like an idealist we reached station prior to the departure and took refuge at semi deserted Bokaro Railway station.Apart of all other uncertainty one thing certain from our past travel experience the jinx would continue of our travel companions were going to be reserved conservative and non cooperative(who cooperates with two 26 year old brats).
finally the train halted and we boarded it with low spirit and occupied our respective seats.The corresponding 6 seats were occupied at the same station and the surprise was quite pleasant.All of us were around the same age group 25-30 and zila ghaziabad was the youngest in 20's. In fact she was the 1 who started the conversation inquiring about the lower birth. NIshant(major sahab) was the game changer he was the 1 who made frequent communication and interacted to the fullest thought I wasn't behind when u talk about movies novels and yes food for sure. Bhaskar bhai and I share same hometown so it instantaneously clicked with him. Shweta was the sophisticated 1 was her presence of mind made an impact, My brother vivek is shy lad but his words of wisdom were intriguing. shivangi was gud and pretty informative and what made her stand uniquely from rest of us was that she was the only vegetarian. Bhaskar bhai the spark of confidence which came with the experience he had. The entire group came into genesis and we were an assortment of a kind.
Within 1st hour of journey none was left unknown least bothered with whose seat was where. We yelped and played pranks on each other indeed and in fact had a gala time traveling. All 6 of us unique in our own ways made us complete as group and whenever it felt as we things froze Nishant stepped in and lit the scene.
We talked a lo from relevant to irrelevant things.
It was an absolute pristine experience filled with tranquility and ease, cant find a better time to write this as its been 2 months and the group is till in touch have met twice and planning for future endeavors.
Folks it was an absolute pleasure traveling with you guys it was an utopia and am sure it would never be matched with such an tantalizing journey again.
sorry if i miss some of your qualities as you guys had galore of them.

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  1. damn awesome blog amit. love the way you remember the minutest details and everyone's vitals. got to have a real keen genuine interest in humanity to be able to pull that off. also loved the way you play with words. decent command of lexiconography. blog on!