Tuesday, May 12, 2009

miss u really

"ek shaqs raaste mein kahin choot gaya tha
us haadse ke baad, yeh dil toot gaya tha

woh shaqs jiske kaandhe pe sir rakhe mein soya
seene se lagke jiske kayi baar mein roya

ek din kisi baat pe jab woh rooth gaya tha
us haadse ke baad, yeh dil toot gaya tha"

A strange situation in my life this is about a person who was very close to my life showed me the correct path in fact and in short meant the whole world to me.I am just writing this with the hope that she goes through it even once.
My zeal of living life has changed is past few days the situation have altered my dimensions of seeing and perceiving things ,i am hurt but not enough to deviate from my path.
I guess the only way to give a tribute or the reward to the person is to chase my dream and come up to her expectations.
But the only thing that hurts me a lot is that my inner consciousness will never allow me to live with the fact that i have really hurt some1 important to me to live this life.

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