Friday, May 8, 2009

My Tribute

There was a big question ahead when I decided to write my first blog

What exactly be the contents of it. I was goofed up & was in a fix. The great vacuum surrounded me with uncertainty of either I would do some injustice or will not be able to correlate to the topic. I am neither a writer nor a poet this makes my task even difficult.

But one thing that makes me different form any of them is my conviction and my promise of being true. This isn’t a fiction rather and impact on my life which has a deep impression & will always be with me till I live.

So here I am about to write about some person in my life

To stat with I go in chronological order

1. My Almighty “mom”:

MA first word that a child learns, she is the first only or rather the only one to understand our pain and needs. For me she has always been more that mom, ma as she always knew my needs and helped me along difficult paths which I was afraid of .She has always cried when I was sick. When she tells me about the day when I was 1 and was suffering from pneumonia and was about to give up she ran a at nanny’s place to get a doc.

She has gone through a lot of pain to get me here rite through childhood. For our education she has dedicated her life.

Have learned a lot from her patience, perfection, passion, perception have seen this world with her eyes. Her presence in this world enough has changed my existence in this world.

I would do anything to fulfill her dreams and make her proud of having a son like me.

2. My Dad:

The second most important person in my life who had a great everlasting impact on me is my dad. For some dad is an ATM a means of resource or a reason of there existence but for me paa is more that anything in this world. We both dad and son connect in a different way we play cards crack jokes and even talk about girls at school. Its told a man learn from his mistakes and my dad had done all to teach from his mistakes and his experience so that I really have a very good time around. Papa have been helping me being a man before age and made me responsible enough to take decisions. For me he is my strength, my vision and above all my world. Thanx dad for being around .

3. My Sis:

My younger sister is the best gift god ever gave me. She is adorable and jack of all trades. For me my sis is responsibility and a vision of her bright future. Its the best experience that I get when she turn towards me for help, suggestion and courage when she is in trouble. She understands me the best and has always come up to my expectation.

She have made my life challenging and difficult as she consider me to be her ideal which is really on a difficult position to be. I just pray to god to grant me with the strength to come up to her expectations.

4. A Friend:

I am really confused about what to write about her. I was introduced to her about 4 years ago in the college. She has a great aura around her and she made the surrounding lively with her presence. Initially we were friends and then gradually knew she was the best. She was with the purest heart among the persons I have ever known since school and she tops the list. The best thing about her is that she is never afraid of anything and she is independent. For me she was the best thing that has happened to me the college. She was always there by my side to help me out. I know will miss her but her golden words and advice will always be with me to guide me through.

She is venerable the most precious thing after my family. I make a promise my MENTOR will never let you down at any phase of life. I know I cant ask for more because your presence around me and your care are priceless and matter the most to me.The days spent with you in college will always remain as a mentor and my respect for you will always be same all through my life ever and ever.

At the end of this blog I thank all of them for being four mighty pillars of my life and thanx for guiding me through, may god grant me with energy and patience to fulfill all your dreams.

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  1. the 1st blog..!! an awesome piece of writing... a perfect tribute..!! hope 2 see u with more posts ahead with the same dedication