Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apotheosis contd.

Chapter 2
With every passing year at college the zeal of becoming an engineer became more determinant and resulted in a pseudo intellectual behavior, where I was capable enough to take decisions. 1st one the decision to live in a rented flat in spite of the hostel against my parents will, finally mom came to rescue of deserted son (tragic situation) and convinced dad in her melodramatic way. This was probably the 1st time I stood up against my dad so the ownership was entirely mine. Post all this plot let me tell you was this worth taking all this pain, Yes indeed as this year was the biggest learning experience which I would never forfeit. So now the inside scoop on my roommates literally we were a group of 7+3 people in 2 adjacent flats but were actually a group of BC’s who hardly cared for anyone and lived life our own way. 10 lousy person ready to rock. Planned outing every month and stepped outside the boundaries of PKD. Countryside has great esthetic beauty and aura, felt like sitting up close to nature out of which Gudguda being my favorite. Later discovered our organizing capabilities and planned numerous party at our flat and even had to manage our land lord he had delusion that we were the best lads he could see around. All thanx to Shantnu, Tara, Summit & Abhinav as they represented us all and covered up while we convicts were planning for another gig of ours. Saturday was the day when movie was screened at our place with expert critic and comic way and yes we did visit PKD talkies to watch telegu films with the hope that we would speak telegu some day but ended up imitating dear devil stunts in vain. With all these life time experience we did manage to study on the contrary discovered multi tasking and yes the “NON-STUDY ENGINEERS SYNDROM” started showing its effect. 2nd year did bring a moment which every engineer apprehend to be in “seniors” with new batch flooding in the college we officially became seniors, believe me every single student lives in fantasy of what it would be like being a senior but with an efficient principal and management in place it was a catastrophic end to our dreams. 2nd year brought numerous opportunities specially for me presentations, anchoring, organizing, Ashu and I teamed up for quiz competition and shared a great chemistry apart from few hick ups. Well this was the period were some people made an impact in my life our then principal, prajna mam, raghu bhai I value there presence and treasure what I learned from them. We at college anticipated for vacations and with sem break got an splendid opportunity to work on a project for mondialogo engineers award, with deadline inching nearer every day ultimately decided to participate. This was the decision would never regret in life entire credit goes to Dhananda sir as it provided an opportunity to meet 3 grandeur individuals master at there work Patrick, Harshil and Maren I have learned a lot and resulted in an endless story. I was living life king size was working hard and partying even harder.
Mid march was scheduled for disaster mitigation a national level symposium and I ended up presenting a paper there as well still remember a guest faculty who almost raged every single presenter but was left with no queries unanswered by us. Later that evening a cultural program was organized where I teamed up with leading lady for the 1st time still stimulate my thought. Well 2nd year was action pact and everything was falling in line for me.

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