Saturday, June 12, 2010


Chapter 1
Whenever I am alone I ponder the past that I had, It resembles as an anecdote with every page filled with vivid expressions to learn from because I am a man and I am bound to make mistakes.
August 2005 mission engineering started, I stepped in college with bags full of clothes and bag pack full of dreams & aspiration. I always had happy go lucky attitude but it was not late for me to understand that this attitude of mine would not do, coz I was not there to be just an engineer rather was there to excel. I had to make my mark on distant land. I have always been lucky of getting the best of teachers and friends well not sure about the vice versa.
1St year of engineering was merry go round filled with joy happiness and study, Yes study as was still unaffected from the so called “NON-STUDY ENGINEERS SYNDROM”. Had a blast and became popular. I have always been popular both at school and at college but here the case was very different, there is always a price to popularity. Then and there forth you are deprived of personal life because some look at you with respect and dignity while the most look for an opportunity to mock you down. Fresher’s party resulted in such an occasion I won’t go into details but then and there missed my chances with the best looking girl in college. Not only I was embarrassed but this gave rise to controversy, I hate this word. In the second sem some1 said I was not capable of scoring grades and my 1st sem results were just a mere coincidence .well when provoked to such an extent I finally had to study and prove my point and this was the time when library became my dwelling place. And yes bribing Ashu for …………………………………………………………………….is one of the most treasured memories . Deosai hostel was a home away from home different specimens of Homo sapiens fought united for a common goal “the mess menu” we lived happily played cricket and even danced on occasions. Still remember our 1st sem results and Deosai environment. Wished could say happily forever after but the best hostel life ended in our 1st year of college, miss those days the most.
1st year was embarked of every 1’s memory as most gripping and memorable days, even if he claims it to be a waste but will still find subtle impact on his life.1st year had an happy ending of a high spirited year ,well have to say rest of the years were even more interesting.
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  1. hey keep writin :)gud to revisit the time back :)

  2. nice reading! waiting 4 d continuation!